How to watch Hanna Season 2 online: Amazon Prime? Hulu?

Hanna Season 2 is now available to stream in full. Here’s everything you need to know so you don’t miss a beat of the series.

Hanna Season 2 is now available to stream in full. Of course, fans of the original movie and of the first season don’t want to miss out on this season. So, what are your options for watching online?

Can you check out the series through Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu? Will it be possible to buy on Digital or on DVD? Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s all about Amazon Prime Video

There is only one way to watch Hanna Season 2. It’s an Amazon Prime Original series, which means it’s only available with your Prime membership.

If you don’t have a Prime membership yet, you can get one right now. Never had one before? You can get a 30-day free trial, which means you can binge-watch both seasons for absolutely nothing; just remember to cancel before your 30 days is up.

You won’t be able to watch on Netflix, Hulu or other methods. It’s a global original, so even if you’re outside of the United States, it’s all about Amazon Prime Video.

Unless something drastic happens to Amazon or there’s some sort of deal with a competitor, there’s no reason for the show to ever go to another streaming service.

Can you get Hanna Season 2 on DVD or Digital?

Some Amazon Originals have made it to DVD and Blu-ray in the past. Is Hanna going to be one of those shows?

The first season isn’t available on DVD and Blu-ray. There’s no sign of this happening. When the shows and movies do head to DVD, it’s usually due to the production studio preferring it for financial reasons. However, Amazon prefers not to release its originals on DVD. It would remove the need to have Amazon Prime!

You’ll probably not be able to get the show on Digital either. The first season isn’t available, so there’s no need to think that will change for Hanna Season 2.

Instead, you need to have your Prime membership to watch. Of course, you get all the other benefits of Prime, so it’s worth it.

Check out the trailer for Hanna Season 2:

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Hanna Season 2 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.