How to watch Pauley Perrette’s Broke on CBS live: Netflix? Hulu?

Pauley Perrette’s new comedy, Broke, premieres on CBS tonight. How can you watch the series live or on-demand? Is Netflix an option? What about Hulu?

There’s a new comedy coming to CBS tonight, Apr. 2. Broke starring Pauley Perrette and Jaime Camil premieres, and now you need to know how to watch it both live and on-demand.

There is some great news when it comes to CBS. It’s extremely easy to watch episodes both live and on-demand. CBS has its own streaming service, CBS All Access. The regular schedule is aired live throughout the week. Then the episodes are added to watch on-demand.

In some cases, like The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, only the season on the air at the time is kept on the streamer. We know The Big Bang Theory is heading to HBO Max, and that’s where Young Sheldon will likely go. The shows that are owned fully by CBS get to stay on CBS All Access.

Where will you watch Broke?

When it comes to Perrette’s Broke, we’re looking at CBS All Access. CBS Televisions Studios is one of the owners, which means we’ll likely see the entire series remain on the streamer.

That means you won’t get it on Netflix or Hulu for free. You’ll need a CBS All Access subscription, which you can get through Amazon Channels.

If you want to watch live, you can watch through CBS All Access. Episodes are made available on the following day for a short period of time.

Buy episodes online

For those who prefer to buy the digital episodes, we’re looking at the likes of Amazon, YouTube, or iTunes.

You can already get the Season Pass on Amazon. With this, you’ll get all episodes in your Amazon Library as soon as they’re released, usually the day after the new episode airs. You get to keep these episodes forever. You’ve already bought them and they remain in your Amazon Library!

The same applies to iTunes and YouTube, but the episodes remain in those specific libraries to watch to your heart’s content. You don’t need to pay for subscription services time and time again.

What is the series about?

Broke is a half-hour comedy starring Perrette as Jackie. Her sister and brother-in-law move into Jackie’s home (with her son) when they are cut off by his father. The once-rich couple need to learn how to work, how to live on a budget, and just cope with everyday life.

More importantly, the two sisters will learn to reconnect. They’ve been estranged for various reasons, but they’re about to live under one roof again, and it’s not going to be fun. Well, it won’t be for them. It will be hilarious for us.

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What are you looking forward to coming to CBS? Which new comedies are you looking out for? Share in the comments below.

Broke premieres on Apr. 2 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.