How to watch Shadow and Bone online: Netflix? Amazon Prime? Hulu?

The Shadow and Bone adaptation is finally available to stream. Where can you watch it right now, and what options are there in the future?

Shadow and Bone is the highly anticipated adaptation of the Grishaverse novels by Leigh Bardugo. The series will correct some of the wrongs, mostly in terms of diversity in the story. It will also combine some of the books, introducing the Six of Crows story early on.

There’s no doubt you’re excited about watching it. The series is already available, but where are you turning to watch it right now, and what will your options be in the future?

Is Shadow and Bone on a streaming service?

There is some excellent news for those looking for the series on a streaming service. Shadow and Bone is available to stream on Netflix.

That’s the only streaming service you need for the show. It’s a Netflix Original globally, and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. The only way it’s heading somewhere else is if the Netflix somehow goes bust, but can you really see that happening?

Will the series be on Amazon Video, iTunes, or another Digital platform?

Looking to buy the episodes on Digital? This certainly works out cheaper in the long-term. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely the series will be on Amazon Video or any other Digital platform.

As a Netflix series, the show is likely to remain exclusive to the streamer. Never say “never,” though. A lot of Netflix shows do eventually head to Digital. It all depends on the contract created.

Can you get the series on DVD and Blu-ray?

Like the Digital release, it’s unlikely that Shadow and Bone will come to DVD and Blu-ray. This isn’t to say to completely rule it out just yet.

Fuller House, The Crown, and The Last Kingdom are all among Netflix shows that have come to DVD and Blu-ray. Just recently, The Umbrella Academy Season 1 got a DVD release date. We’ll keep an eye out for this news.

Shadow and Bone: The Collector’s Edition (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy) ($)

Get the Shadow and Bone books

You’ll want to read the books the series is adapted from. The great news is you can easily buy them from Amazon.

You can start with the Grishaverse trilogy. However, you will definitely want to read Six of Crows ($), which focuses on the Crows’ storyline and will certainly bring some Peaky Blinders vibes.

The books are being combined for the series. Don’t worry too much about trying to read them before you start watching, but it will be worth reading them afterward, especially to see where the story ends up going.

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Shadow and Bone is available to stream on Netflix.