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Where to watch The Alienist: Angel of Darkness online: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max?

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness premieres tonight. Don’t miss a beat with these options to watch The Alienist Season 2 online.

After two seasons, Dr. Kreizler, John Moore, and Sara Howard are back. The Alienist: Angel of Darkness premieres on TNT. Of course, you need to know how to watch it live.

This season is called the “second season” by many, but it’s not technically the second season. It’s a sequel to the original season, picking up another Caleb Carr novel, aptly called “The Angel of Darkness.” We’ll get all the characters that we’ve come to know already, but they’re in different jobs and at different points in their lives. Sara Howard runs her own detective agency while John Moore is now a writer at The New York Times.

The first two episodes will premiere on TNT tonight. After this, there will be two episodes per week, with the season finale airing on Aug. 9. Yes, that means there are only eight episodes to the season instead of the 10 that we got in the second season.

If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you will only need to so you get an idea of the characters. The story of Angel of Darkness is standalone. The great news is you can watch the first season on TNT’s website and on HBO Max right now.

How to watch The Alienist: Angel of Darkness online

There’s some great news when it comes to The Alienist Season 2. You can watch it online on a weekly basis. TNT makes it extremely easy to watch content live online. Whether you’re east or west coast, you just head to the network’s website and start streaming.

Internationally, the show is likely to head to Netflix. However, unlike Snowpiercer, this isn’t likely to be on a weekly basis. You’ll probably have to wait until August or September 2020.

What about streaming in the U.S.? Eventually, it’s likely to head to HBO Max, since WarnerMedia owns both HBO Max and TNT. However, it’s not clear when that is going to be the case yet.

The Alienist (TNT Tie-in Edition): A Novel (The Alienist Series)

Can you buy The Alienist online?

You could opt to buy the episodes. The first season is available with the Season Pass, and Angel of Darkness is likely to follow suit. Buying the episodes on Digital gives you access the day after a new episode airs. You’ll get to keep all the episodes afterward, for as long as you have your Amazon account.

The DVD will come in the future. Right now, you can own The Alienist Season 1 on DVD.

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The Alienist: Angel of Darkness premieres with two episodes on Sunday, July 19 at 9/8c on TNT.