Do you need to watch The Boys before Gen V?

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Gen V is the college spin-off of The Boys. Do you need to watch the original series before you delve into this new Amazon show?

When it comes to spin-offs, it can be hit and miss whether you need to watch the original series first. When we look at the likes of Angel and The Originals, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Vampire Diaries is necessary to know who the characters are. Yet, when it came to watching The Winchesters and Walker Independence, knowing everything in Supernatural and Walker wasn’t all that needed.

So, what about this latest series? After all, while it’s set in the world of The Boys, it doesn’t seem to involve The Seven. Will we need to see The Boys first?

Gen V is set during and after The Boys Season 3

It’s worth looking at the timeline that Gen V is following. One thing that The Winchesters and Walker Independence did was to set the story before the original shows. They were prequels, which meant watching the original shows less necessary.

Gen V is set during the time of The Boys Season 3. You probably want to understand the events of the original series to get an idea of where the college students are in their lives. What do they know about Vought and The Seven? How many changes has The Seven been through at this point?

One great thing about spin-offs now, though, is that the aim is to bring in new fans. That will mean all the important elements to the story are explained within it. It makes it less necessary to binge-watch another show first. There will be Easter eggs for the fans of the original show, though.

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Are you binge-watching The Boys ready for Gen V? Are you going into the spin-off with no knowledge at all? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Gen V premieres on Prime Video* on Friday, Sept. 29.