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Do you need to watch Walker to understand Walker Independence?

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Walker Independence is one of the prequel spin-offs arriving in fall 2022. Should you watch the OG Walker first? Do you need to watch the Jared Padalecki series to understand the spin-off?

Walker* has a prequel spin-off arriving. The series will air on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET straight after new episodes of the OG series. Of course, before you jump into a spin-off, you’ll want to know if you should watch the original series first.

With a lot of spin-offs, it’s usually best to watch the original series first. There are often characters popping up from the original series. In fact, usually, some of these characters are going to be leads in the spin-off. What about Walker Independence?

Do you need to watch Walker before Walker Independence?

Don’t worry too much about catching up on the Jared Padalecki series to understand the spin-off. Independence is a prequel spin-off. It takes place more than 100 years before the original series.

The show will follow one of Cordell’s ancestors, Abigail Walker. She travels to Independence, Texas in search for her husband’s killer. She’s sure it was the new sheriff of the town, but how can she prove that? She’ll need to turn to a local lovable rogue, Hoyt Rawlins.

The only real connection between the shows is some of the names. For example, Walker is a clear connection. Hoyt Rawlins is another one. He’ll be played by Matt Barr, just like the Hoyt Rawlins in the original series. The two are connected, but they are not the same person. There isn’t something that involves time travel in this series.

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What do you think of Walker Independence? Are you catching up on the OG series first? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Walker Independence will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 9/8c on The CW.