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Is Wednesday renewed for Season 2? (Is Wednesday canceled?)

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All eyes have been on Netflix’s decision about the future of Wednesday. Is Season 2 happening or not? Here are the details.

When Wednesday first dropped in November, we were immediately intrigued. And we were also immediately impressed. The show quickly became a must-watch on the streamer, and we waited patiently for a renewal.

Then we didn’t get anything before Christmas. This was despite the show becoming a huge hit, especially on social media. So we started to worry about the worst. Would Netflix cancel the series? Considering some of the shows Netflix has canceled recently, we wouldn’t have been too surprised.

It didn’t help that there were rumors that Prime Video could end up with the show.

Wednesday Season 2 is officially happening at Netflix

Well, Netflix quickly put a stop to the Prime Video rumors. It renewed the Addams Family spin-off series, making it very clear that the rights were staying with Netflix.

All we know right now is that we’ll get another season. We have no idea when that will happen. There is a chance that we could see the season by late 2023, but we don’t expect it. We’re more likely to see the season arrive sometime in 2024.

All eyes are on what is coming next. We’ll be sure to let you know when there are more details out there.

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What did you think of the first season? What do you hope to see in Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday is available to stream on Netflix.