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What will the WGA writers strike mean for fall 2023?

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The WGA union is officially on strike. There are a lot of questions about the WGA writers strike right now, but what about fall 2023 TV?

We have a lot of questions about the WGA writers strike. If you went through the strike back in 2007-2008, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. The last time this happened, TV shows had a few episodes to get them through some of it, but then production stopped and nothing WGA-written filmed for months. It meant the rise of reality TV as we know it now.

So, there are a lot of questions about the WGA writers strike right now. What will be able to keep going with new content and what will be affected immediately? Something we’re looking at is fall TV in 2023. What could this strike mean for the fall shows?

Will the WGA writers strike put fall TV on hold?

It is possible that this strike could lead to fall TV not happening the way we’re used to. Just as networks have been able to get their schedules back to normal, things are potentially being shaken up again.

There will be some shows that have scripts written already. Those shows will be able to start production to get some episodes ready for the fall. However, writers aren’t allowed to do any rewrites or help with anything in post-production. Once the production teams have ran out of episode scripts, they will need to wait for the strike to be over to write more.

The good thing is that the strike is happening at the beginning of the season this time. If the networks choose to keep the episode counts shorter like last time, the changes won’t need to happen midseason. Instead, the episodes can be written with the shorter episode counts in mind from the beginning.

We could certainly see a delay in the return of shows. If filming can’t start in July, episodes won’t be ready for September or October. It really all depends on how long this strike goes on for.

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