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What happened to Frank and Bill in The Last of Us game?

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Bill and Frank meet a heartbreaking end in The Last of Us TV series. The characters are in the game, but what happened to both of them?

We meet Bill and Frank in The Last of Us Episode 3. They aid Joel and Ellie with the next part of their journey, while also helping Joel a little after his loss of Tess.

The two characters are included in the game. Their story is a heartbreaking one in the TV show, but it’s been heavily adapted from the game. We don’t quite get the love and connection from the two in the videogame.

Want to know what their storyline is in game mode? You may be happy to see how heavily it was adapted. I certainly am!

Frank still dies in The Last of Us game

Ellie and Joel meet Bill first in the game*. He has a maze of traps, which are there to prevent the infected from getting in. When Joel is caught in one, Bill has to go out and save him. With that, Joel decides that Bill owes him and he wants a car.

Bill spends his time explaining that the only way to survive in this is to be alone. He shares how he used to have someone he loved, but he’s realized that being alone is the best option for survival.

That’s when we meet Frank, although we don’t actually meet him properly. He’s already hanged himself, and Bill explains that they were partners but that Frank had been infected and decided to end things on his own terms.

A suicide note says something else. Frank explains that he wanted to leave Bill and had tried to escape. He hated Bill, and this was the only way out. Poor guy!

Joel and Ellie end up with the car they need and they take off. That’s the last we see of Bill. Would he live the rest of his days alone in survival mode or would he end up taking his own life? We don’t get to find out as we never see Bill in the game again.

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