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What is Found on NBC about?

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Found is one of the new shows heading to NBC in fall 2023. What is this new series going to be about, and is it worth a watch?

There are some new shows heading to NBC in the fall. It’s one of the only networks to have new shows, especially when it comes to scripted shows. Many other networks are relying on streaming shows, acquisitions, and unscripted programming.

Of course, before you go into anything new, you want to know more about it. Is this going to be something worth watching? Does it fit the genre of your choice?

What is Found about?

The new series is similar to Alert: Missing Persons Unit in the sense that it focuses on finding missing people. It really is what the title suggests. However, there are some substantial differences in the storytelling just from the synopsis.

Found follows Gabi Mosley, a woman who was once a missing person. She now helps to guide law enforcement to find other missing people in the world, especially when it comes to children and people of color.

Gabi isn’t a member of the police force, though. Instead, she’s a PR professional who assists a crisis management team.

Of course, there’s a personal element to the story. Gabi has a secret that she has kept from everyone. Based on the fact that she is a former missing person, we’re assuming that her secret has something to do with why she went missing, the circumstances it happened, or what happened to help her become one of those no longer missing.

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Found will air on Tuesdays starting from Oct. 3 on NBC in the United States. Stay tuned for the Canadian network, but it will likely be CityTV.