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What is Mrs. Sidhu Investigates about?

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We’re entering into a quiet fall, so you need another show to keep you company. Mrs. Sidhu Investigates is perfect for mystery fans.

Fall 2023 is not going to be what we’re used to. The network channels don’t have most of the usual suspects when it comes to scripted content. So, we’re turning to streaming platforms to keep us company.

The great thing about Acorn TV is that there won’t be a shortage of content. The streamer pulls from international locations. Even the originals are international, with many of them hailing from the UK. So, there will always be something new to check out. This week, it’s all about Mrs. Sidhu Investigates.

The series is getting a weekly release. There are four episodes over the next four weeks.

What is Mrs. Sidhu Investigates about?

The series is based on the BBC 4 Radio program of the same name. In fact, Meera Syal, who will play Mrs. Sidhu in the series voiced the character for the radio program.

Mrs. Sidhu is a high-end caterer. However, that’s not her true passion. Her passion in life is to solve mysteries, and she will go out on her own to figure things out if needed. However, she does know that she needs someone on the police force to help her, and that comes via DCI Burton.

Of course, Burton doesn’t really want to admit that a widowed middle-aged woman is better at solving crimes and mysteries than he is. He’ll just want to accept that women see things that the police don’t. We have some good intuition due to the things that life throws at us.

While solving crimes, Mrs. Sidhu also needs to help her wayward son, Tez. Will solving crimes get in the way?

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What are you watching to get through this drought of scripted content? What do you think of Mrs. Sidhu Investigates? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Mrs. Sidhu Investigates airs on Mondays on Acorn TV.