What is The Ark about?

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The Ark is a new series that premieres on SYFY on Wednesday, Feb. 1. What is this new sci-fi series about, and is it worth the watch?

If you love sci-fi dramas and futuristic storytelling, you’ll want to check out The Ark on SYFY. The premiere airs on Wednesday, Feb. 1, and it promises to offer something for those who love space dramas.

The series comes from Dean Devlin, who has been involved in hits like Independence Day and Stargate. Jonathan Glassner from SG-1 is also a co-showrunner on the series. It promises to be exciting with them involved.

What is The Ark about?

Of course, before you get into a series, you need to know more about it. What is this show going to be about? Well, it does have The 100* vibes in the set-up of where humans will go in the future, but the storyline itself is very different.

The show is set 100 years in the future. Planetary colonization missions have started n an attempt to secure humanity’s survival. Ark One is the first of the missions, but a catastrophic event led to the almost complete loss of life on the spaceship.

There are a few survivors. They will need to work together to figure out a way forward. However, they are without supplies and leadership. Who will step in to take charge, and can they work together or will they all fail?

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The Ark airs Wednesdays on SYFY in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada.