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What is The Rising on The CW about?

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The CW is into its summer schedule, and one of the shows has been acquired from the UK. What is The Rising about?

If you’re looking for something to watch as broadcast shows come to the end of another season, you’ll want to turn your attention to The CW. Its into its summer schedule, and the first show to premiere is The Rising. This is an acquisition from the UK, and it’s perfect for Nancy Drew fans.

What is The Rising about?

This is a supernatural crime drama series. Clara Rugaard plays Neve Kelly, who finds out that she is dead. Of course, she’s scared and confused, but then she realizes that she’s been murdered. Now she’s furious and she wants to get justice for her own murder.

Being a member of the undead, she has supernatural abilities. How far is she willing to use them to get the revenge she desperately wants and needs?

Wait, is this just a story about revenge? Absolutely not. As she delves into her own death, she realizes that there are secrets buried deep about the people she thought she knew. It’s time to learn more about them when all they want is to keep their secrets hidden.

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The Rising airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.