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What’s on tonight: Tuesday, November 8

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Tuesdays are usually packed with TV shows on American broadcast networks. That’s not the case tonight. What’s on tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 8?

We’re used to watching new episode s of the FBI shows, New Amsterdam, The Resident, and more. Tuesdays are a great night on the main broadcast networks in the U.S. What’s going on this week? It looks like almost nothing is on.

That’s because it’s Election Night in the U.S. The three main big broadcasters are airing specials for news coverage. That means there are no plans to air new episodes of anything on AB, CBS, and NBC. What about FOX and The CW?

What’s on tonight: The Resident, The Winchesters, and more

The CW is opting for a night of reruns. This does mean that you can watch older episodes of The Winchesters and the Canadian acquisition Professionals.

It’s not surprising The CW is opting for reruns. It was either that or specals because it’s not common for the network to bring us the local news. Some local stations may have gained rights to airing news coverage instead.

FOX is the only network with new episodes of its shows. You’ll be able to watch a new episode of The Resident* and then Monarch*. It will be interesting to see how this pays off. Election coverage is often popular, so I think this may be a mistake.

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