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When is 911 Season 6 back with new episodes in 2023?

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You’ll have noticed that 911 Season 6 didn’t return this week. When will new episodes of the series air on FOX in 2023?

We’re patiently waiting for the 118 to come back to our screens. The show went on its winter break at the end of November, and now that wait is very much on. While a lot of broadcast shows are back this month, that’s not going to be the case for the first responder drama.

911 Season 6* is not coming back in January. Nor is it coming back in February. We’ll need to wait until the spring for new episodes.

When is 911 Season 6 back?

How long exactly do we need to wait? We don’t have the answer to that just yet, which isn’t surprising considering the wait is so long. When the show went on its winter break, FOX warned us that it would return in spring 2023.

That likely means the middle to the end of March. That would match the returns for previous fall seasons.

The series uses the next few months to film the remaining episodes. They are all then ready to run when it returns to air. It’s a great way to keep the on-off schedule to a minimum, which is a problem for many other shows.

Instead, we’ll get 911 Lone Star season 4 back. That series is coming back a little later than we hoped and on a different night. We’ll see it premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 17, taking over The Resident‘s timeslot.

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