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When will 911 Season 7 premiere on ABC?

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911 Season 7 isn’t going to air on FOX, but it will air on ABC. When can we expect the premiere to happen with the move?

We are certainly more than ready to watch 911 Season 7. While the Season 6 finale didn’t end with a major cliffhanger, it did end with some questions for the characters moving forward. We’re ready to see where their lives go next as well as the next crazy calls they’ll face.

There is a change coming, though. FOX surprisingly canceled the series. There was a lot going on behind the scenes before the news broke, though. ABC had picked up the series well before we found out about the cancellation.

So, now eyes are on when the new season will premiere. Is this going to change because of the move to a new network?

Will 911 Season 7 premiere in the fall on ABC?

It is moving from the fall, but that’s not because of the network change. Instead, it’s linked to the writers strike. ABC made a fall plan that factored in the worst-case scenario of the strike. Rather than have a staggered schedule depending on when scripted dramas would be ready, ABC opted for a fall that is made up entirely of unscripted programming.

All scripted programming is held for 2024. The earliest we’ll get to watch 911 Season 7 is January 2024. If you want to see the 118 in action, you’ll need to turn your attention to Hulu.

We don’t have any more than that to go off just yet. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the plans.

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911* is available to stream on Hulu in the U.S. and on the Global TV App in Canada.