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When will All American Season 6 premiere on The CW?

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We know that All American Season 6 is officially happening. The question is when it will premiere on The CW. Will it premiere in the fall?

It’s always good news when we go into a season finale knowing that it’s not the end. That means that shocking cliffhanger that left a life literally on the line is going to be resolved. Now we just need to know when.

All American is traditionally a fall show. Is that going to be the case again, or have all the changes with Nexstar changed when it will air?

All American Season 6 premiere date on The CW

As of right now, the broadcast networks haven’t set any dates. We do have a schedule, though. The CW’s fall schedule is set to see All American Season 6 keep its Monday night spot.

That would usually mean an early October premiere date. There is just a problem with setting the dates right now. The writers strike is still going on, and that is going to affect everything that’s scripted. We may also see the Screen Actors Guild strike, which will delay production further.

We could end up seeing the sports drama pushed to the midseason purely due to delays in production. We’ll need to wait and see what The CW has planned should that happen.

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All American* is available to stream on Netflix in the U.S. and on Stack TV in Canada.