When will Chicago Fire Season 12 premiere on NBC?

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There is absolutely no doubt that we need the Chicago Fire Season 12 premiere already. When is that going to happen on NBC?

We are more than ready for the Chicago Fire Season 12 premiere. With the way Season 11 ended, we need it right away.

Yes, there was a major cliffhanger. A life was on the line, but not in the way we’re used to. We learned that Mouch made it out of the life-threatening situation and was being monitored in the hospital after surgery. That’s when it all went wrong. Herrmann ran to get help while Mouch was bleeding out.

Will we lose one of the best characters on the series? That’s something we are scared about, and it’s why we need the premiere already.

Chicago Fire Season 12 premiere date on NBC

There is some good and bad news in this post. The good news is that Chicago Fire Season 12 is happening, and it is set to be part of the fall schedule. It will remain on Wednesdays at 9/8c sandwiched between the other two shows in the franchise.

The bad news is we don’t have a date just yet. That’s normal for this time of year, and we can usually say the show will return some time in September. That’s not the case this time.

With the writers strike, production is on hold. That’s going to push back the premiere date. We’ll need to see how long the writers strike goes on for and then whether SAG will call a full union strike in July. There is a lot in flux right now.

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Chicago Fire* is available to stream on Peacock in the U.S. and on CityTV+ in Canada.