When will Chicago Med Season 9 premiere on NBC?

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Chicago Med Season 9 is happening, and now all eyes are on when. Where has NBC put the series in the fall schedule?

We are all ready for fall already. Okay, we don’t want to skip over our summer vacation plans, but we want more episodes of our favorite shows.

Chicago Med ended its eighth season in a pretty calm way compared to the other two Chicago shows. While Will Halstead chose to leave the hospital, it looks like most others are sticking around. The trouble is in Will and Grace sabotaging the AI system to the point of the stocks dropping considerably.

The hospital is being sold again. So much for any hope of it becoming public once more. Nope, there’s a chance another money-hungry buyer is coming into the story. Sometimes, the evil you’re dealing with is the lesser of those out there.

When will Chicago Med Season 9 come to NBC?

We won’t get to see new episodes in the summer. That’s normal. Usually, we see this show return in the fall. NBC is still happy with its performance in the linear ratings. It is set to return on Wednesdays at 8/7c in the fall.

There is a problem, though. We have no return dates, and there’s a chance we can’t rely on the September premiere date that we’re used to. It’s all about the writers strike at the moment.

That is still going, and now it’s at the point where the production start date is going to be pushed. There’s no filming without scripts! Until the production studios start talking to each other and have a deal to present to the writers, the strike will continue. Could we have to wait until 2024 for Chicago Med Season 9? We’re not ruling that out.

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Chicago Med* is available to stream on Peacock in the U.S. and on CityTV+ in Canada.