When is Lucifer Season 6 coming to Netflix?

Netflix has confirmed the Lucifer Season 6 release date. When will the final season drop on the streaming platform?

The end is almost here. Lucifer Season 6 isn’t coming to Netflix in August 2021, but there isn’t much longer left to wait for it. Netflix has confirmed that the final season is coming in September.

When in September? Get Friday, Sept. 10 in your diary. All 10 episodes of the season will be released on that day as a binge-watch.

Sadly, it is the final season. There isn’t going to be a change to this. The writers have crafted the ending in a way to tie up loose ends.

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What to expect on Lucifer Season 6

The announcement happened during Comic-Con@Home, and Netflix released an announcement video at the same time. The video doesn’t include any scenes from the sixth season that we can see. Instead, it’s a lookback over the previous seasons, highlighting some of the most important characters throughout all that time.

The very end of the video has an iconic scene. It is from the pilot episode when the cops pull Lucifer over and he says he’s celebrating his “last night in L.A.”

We don’t get to know what to expect in the final season, though. Right now, all we know is Lucifer is the new God after surviving Heaven. At the same time, Dan is in Hell, but it turns out there may be a way to get him to Heaven. Will Lucifer help Detective Douche do that? We can only hope!

There are a lot of questions about what’s to come next for Lucifer and Chloe. Is there any hope for Deckerstar considering Lucifer’s new position?

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What do you hope to see on Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lucifer Season 6 is on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 10.