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When did McGee join NCIS?

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As you watched the NCIS series premiere last night, you may have noticed that one popular character was missing. When did McGee join?

CBS brought us a mini NCIS marathon last night to mark the 20th anniversary of the series. It all started with the series premiere, which saw Gibbs bring Kate Todd onto the team. One person you will have noticed missing is McGee.

It’s often easy to forget that McGee wasn’t a permanent team member at the start. In fact, Ducky is the only OG cast member standing, but McGee is an honorary mention. When did he end up joining the series, and how long did it take for Sean Murray to become a series regular?

Tim McGee’s first NCIS episode

It wasn’t until the seventh episode of the series that McGee was introduced. He was brought in to help with a tech issue in a case, and he would step in to help the team on a few more cases. He appeared in just eight episodes of the first season, but he quickly became a fan-favorite character.

It didn’t take too long for McGee to join the team full-time. Gibbs was just that impressed with him. Murray was promoted to series regular in the second season, and that marked the beginning of McGee’s long period with the team. Since then, he has held numerous positions in the team, including, at one point, being offered the lead position when Gibbs left. McGee couldn’t do it, though, and that’s when Gary Cole came in as Alden Parker—after realizing that Gibbs wasn’t the bad guy and should be let to go off in Alaska and find peace.

McGee isn’t just a tech and cyber expert. He is also an author, and he used his team mates as inspiration for characters in his “Deep Six” stories. It would be great to see more of that side of him in the new season of NCIS.

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