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When is the Poker Face Season 1 finale on Peacock?

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Poker Face has just started on Peacock. This is a weekly release series, but when will the Season 1 finale air on the streamer?

Natasha Lyonne stars as Charlie in Poker Face. Charlie has the ability to tell when someone is lying to her, and that certainly helps her when it comes to play poker. It’s also going to help her when it comes to solving crimes. She’s not even a private detective, but she has this need to get justice for victims.

So far, we’ve watched her figure out four murder cases. The first one is haunting her. The victim’s father has set his attack dog on Charlie, and she needs to keep moving and stay away from social media if she wants to protect herself. That isn’t going to stop her from doing what’s right.

Poker Face Season 1 finale date

Peacock isn’t consistent in the way it releases content. That can make it hard to know when finales for our favorite shows will air. How is Poker Face coming out?

The first four episodes are now available to stream. After this, we’ll get one episode per week on Thursdays. There are 10 episodes in total in Season 1. That puts the Poker Face Season 1 finale on Thursday, March 9.

We’ll see individual episodes throughout the series, but there will be this constant of the threat from the first episode. We’re sure to see that come to a head in the final episode.

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Poker Face is available to stream on Peacock.