When will Station 19 Season 7 premiere on ABC?

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With the way things ended in the Station 19 Season 6 finale, we need more. When will Station 19 Season 7 premiere?

We are officially into the summer hiatus. The Station 19 Season 6 finale left us with a major cliffhanger to resolve, and we have a long wait on our hands for a resolution.

At least we will get a resolution. There is going to be a seventh season, but it isn’t going to premiere in the fall. This isn’t because ABC doesn’t have faith in the show. When ABC announced the fall schedule, it shocked everyone. There are no scripted shows on the slate at all.

This is all linked to the current strike action involving the writers. There is a strong possibility that the writers won’t be back to work before the summer ends, and ABC is planning for that eventuality. Instead of setting itself up for failure, it’s opting for an unscripted lineup.

When will Station 19 Season 7 premiere?

What does it mean for premiere dates? Well, it means we’ll get no scripted shows until 2024. The Station 19 Season 7 won’t premiere until January 2024 at the earliest.

Then it will all depend on the strike action. The writers are currently on strike, but there is a strong chance of actors, producers, and more going on strike. The SAG union members have agreed to strike if it comes to it. That will potentially delay much more.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on ABC’s plans. As of right now, let’s not expect the show until January 2024 and then hope that it arrives and we don’t have a break until the finale in May.

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