When is The Boys Season 3 finale on Prime Video?

The Boys Season 3 is getting a weekly release. Chances are you want to binge-watch the entire season. That means knowing when The Boys Season 3 finale will air on Prime Video.

It is disappointing to find out your favorite show is getting a weekly release format on streaming platforms. We’re used to binge-watches, right? Well, Prime Video has been moving to weekly releases for a lot of its content recently, and the truth is, weekly releases are better for the shows.

That doesn’t mean we have to like the idea, but it’s time to stop the entitlement of the binge-watch release expectations. Savor the episodes as they come out, and binge-watch it all again when the finale airs.

The Boys Season 3 finale release date on Prime Video

The Boys Season 3 has begun. Three episodes are available right now, with one episode dropping each week from this point onward. There are eight episodes in the season, which means we know when the finale is going to air.

The Boys Season 3 finale airs on Friday, July 8. As this is a global release, fans in North America will want to keep an eye on the streamer on Thursday, July 7. There is a chance the episode will drop at around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on that day. That’s what happened with the premiere!

This is certainly a season worth waiting for. We’ve been introduced to some new characters so far, but there is far more drama, violence, and gore to come. And maybe there will be some more Hollywood cameos!

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The Boys Season 3 finale airs on Friday, July 8 on Prime Video*.