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When will The Couple Next Door premiere on STARZ?

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STARZ has released a look at the new upcoming series, The Couple Next Door. When can we expect this series to premiere?

While the strike action is stopping a lot of broadcast scripted shows, there are some streamers that are pretty safe for content. They either acquire a lot of international content or they have a lot that isn’t held by the SAG-AFTRA strike rules.

STARZ is one of those networks. The Couple Next Door is coming to the premium cable network, and we get a first look at the show. It’s certainly going to be one for the Poldark and Outlander fans.

When will The Couple Next Door premiere?

Of course, there’s just one question we have when it comes to a new show. When will we get to watch it? STARZ has shared that it will arrive in 2024.

We don’t know exactly when in 2024 yet. The series only just wrapped filming in Europe recently, so there will be some post-production work still to do.

Outlander fans will want it during Droughtlander, especially since it stars Sam Heughan. There is a chance that we won’t get it during this Droughtlander depending on when Outlander Season 7B is going to premiere. Sassenachs may get it during the final Droughtlander instead.

STARZ just hasn’t shared too much about the timing of the show. This will be for a few reasons. The first is that 2024 is still pretty far away. We may get some information toward the end of this year if it’s going to happen at the start of the year, but we may need to wait until 2024 to get more details in a similar way to how we had to wait for Outlander Season 7 and Men in Kilts Season 2 premiere dates.

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The Couple Next Door will come to STARZ in 2024.