When will The Crown Season 6 come to Netflix?

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The Crown Season 6 is officially happening. Now all eyes are on when the season will arrive on Netflix. Will it happen in 2023?

One thing we know is The Crown Season 6 is definitely happening. That was confirmed before the fifth season even premiered. Filming started before the fifth season premiered.

The series had originally been envisioned as a six-season story. Every two years there would be a cast change as the characters got older. The decision was to do a cast change instead of using makeup to age the actors for the roles. There was a point where creator Peter Morgan thought have doing just five seasons, but that didn’t give him enough time so he opted for the sixth season after all.

Now we just need to know when that season will come to Netflix. Will we get it within a year?

The Crown Season 6 release date predictions

There is a strong possibility that The Crown Season 6 will come to Netflix next year. We can look at previous seasons to get an idea how the release is going to happen. Every even season has come out a year after the odd season. The odd seasons take around two years from the even seasons.

So, as Season 6 is an even season, we’re expecting a year. That means November 2023.

With filming happening right now, there is a good chance the show will get through that and post-production in time for a November 2023 release date. That is set to be the final season of the Royal Family drama.

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What do you hope to see in Season 6? What did you think of the fifth season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Crown Season 6 is likely to arrive in November 2023.