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When does The Ex-Wife come to BritBox?

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The Ex-Wife is an excellent British thriller that makes you second guess everything you initially think. When can you watch it on BritBox?

Every now and then, there’s a TV series that challenges your thinking. That’s certainly the case for The Ex-Wife. You go into it thinking that it’s all about the ex. She seems like she’s up to something, after all, but it turns out that the ex may actually be the innocent, hurt party.

I’m not going to ruin this for you. All I will say is that the four episodes are more than worth watching, and you’ll certainly find yourself changing who you’re rooting for throughout the series. The great news is there isn’t long now until you can stream it in the United States.

The Ex-Wife is coming to BritBox in August

The British series is one of the new releases coming to BritBox in August. You’ll be able to tune into the series on Thursday, Aug. 10.

BritBox has released content weekly in the past, but that’s not happening this summer. You’ll get to watch all four episodes as a binge-watch. You’ll certainly find that you do move from one episode to the next quickly.

Don’t expect a second season, though. Like so many other British shows, this has been created as a limited series. The full story is told from start to finish. Okay, there is a hint at the end that there could be more to the story, but I think that was more just to get people talking at the end.

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The Ex-Wife is coming to BritBox on Thursday, Aug. 10.