When will The Good Doctor Season 7 premiere on ABC?

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The Good Doctor Season 6 finale brought a lot of change. Now eyes are on when The Good Doctor Season 7 will premiere on ABC.

The summer break for The Good Doctor started a lot earlier than normal. We said goodbye to Season 6 at the beginning of May, and now it’s clear that this break is going to be far longer than we hoped for.

Don’t worry; we’re not going into spoilers for the finale. If you still haven’t caught up (where have you been?) you have time. This is all about when the show could return to ABC, and it’s not good news.

This isn’t just a summer break. This is a rest of 2023 break.

When will The Good Doctor Season 7 premiere

ABC has decided not to bring the series back in the fall. And it’s not just this medical drama. Grey’s Anatomy isn’t coming back either. In fact, no scripted show is in the fall 2023 schedule at all.

Say what? It’s a fully unscripted lineup? Why would ABC even consider that?

Well, this is all linked to the recent job action. The writers are still on strike, and there are potentially more strikes to follow with other unions. This is putting everything at risk, and ABC doesn’t think anything will be ready for a fall return. Instead of risking it, the network has opted for an unscripted fall and the scripted shows are being held for 2024.

The Good Doctor Season 7 will premiere in January 2024 at the earliest. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the plans closer to the time.

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The Good Doctor* is available to stream on Hulu in the U.S. and on the CTV App in Canada.