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When will Wolf Like Me Season 2 come to Peacock?

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It’s time for Mary and Gary to have a baby. Or will it be a pup? When will Wolf Like Me Season 2 come to Peacock for us to find out?

There are a lot of questions when it comes to Mary and Gary’s baby. The biggest one is whether this pregnancy is going to lead to a baby or a pup. Maybe that would depend on which form Mary was in when she gave birth? Will she has a werewolf baby or not?

If only that was the only question for them. They are currently trying to keep Mary’s big secret quiet, but a face from her past is going to make that difficult. In fact, it turns out that she has more secrets, and those secrets are about to come out.

Gary has to decide if this relationship is worth working on. Are they meant to be together, or is it better to call it quits now?

When will Wolf Like Me Season 2 premiere on Peacock?

There isn’t long left to get some answers to our questions. Wolf Like Me Season 2 now has a premiere date on Peacock.

Put Thursday, Oct. 19 in your diary.

There are seven episodes to the season, and all seven episodes will arrive at once on the streaming platform. Yes, this is a binge-watch release, so you’ll get most of your burning questions answered at once. Of course, we’re sure to see some questions left unanswered. The series is sure to leave a cliffhanger or two to push for a third season.

Whether there will be a third season or not will depend on the people tuning in to watch. You’ll need to binge-watch it all right away to show Peacock that you want more.

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Wolf Like Me Season 2 is coming to Peacock on Thursday, Oct. 19.