Where is Alaska Daily filmed: Is it filmed in Alaska?

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Alaska Daily is the newest show on broadcast TV. It’s set in Anchorage, Alaska, but where is the series actually filmed?

It’s relatively uncommon for TV shows to film in the city or even state they’re set in. Just look at how Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 film in L.A. but are set in Seattle, or how most CW shows are set in various places around the United States but filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

There are some exceptions to the norm. The Hawaii-based shows film in Hawaii, and The Resident does film in Georgia. Is Alaska Daily one of the exceptions? Does it film in the state of Alaska?

Alaska Daily filming location

This is not a series that films where it is set. It’s not just the town, but the series doesn’t even film in the state. This is usually due to cost reasons.

Alaska Daily films in Burnaby, BC, Canada. British Columbia is used for a lot of TV shows, and it’s often linked to the tax breaks the shows get for filming there. It also has some excellent locations for all types of scenes needed.

In the case of Alaska Daily, it was important to get somewhere that could look like it was Alaska. Well, the backdrop of the Rockies certainly offers that! It also won’t get as cold as anywhere in Alaska during the winter months!

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Alaska Daily* airs on Thursdays on ABC in the United States and on CTV in Canada.