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Where is Miles on Snowpiercer Season 3?

Miles and Miles hasn’t been seen yet on Snowpiercer Season 3. he’s not even been mentioned. Where is he on the train?

If there’s one character we’re curious about, it’s Miles (also known as Miles and Miles). He is the boy Layton and Josie helped raise in the Tail, making sure he was smart enough to join the program Melanie had set up for the smartest children in the Tail. Of course, there was a biggest deal with that program, but Miles did get out and he did end up working with Melanie and Ben.

He was there as one of Layton’s spies at first. Of course, Melanie and Ben started working with Layton after he took over the train, and that’s the last we saw of Miles.

What has Wilford done to Miles on Snowpiercer?

We haven’t seen Miles mentioned throughout Snowpiercer since initially making it to the Engine. The lack of inclusion in the second season could be explained by the pandemic. There was a limited number of people allowed on set, and that meant reworking a few storylines. He did turn up when we found out Josie was alive, but that’s been it.

Since Wilford took over, we haven’t got to see Miles at all. Did Wilford do something to him?

It is possible that Wilford put him in a drawer. However, shouldn’t Layton have got him out? Till got Roche and his family out immediately. That then suggests that Wilford did something more serious. Does Layton even know what’s happened?

It’s time the question was answered. We need to know where this young boy has gone.

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What do you think happened to Miles on Snowpiercer? Share your theories in the comments below.

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