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Where will Scream 6 stream online? (Netflix? Hulu?)

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Scream 6 is currently out in theaters, but the movie will head to a streaming platform soon. Which platform will it come to?

We know we usually cover TV shows and not movies, but there are a lot of movies that head to streaming platforms. In fact, all movies that are out in theaters eventually make it to a streaming platform somewhere. Don’t streaming platforms count as TV?

So, you may see us branch out into a movie here and there. The first is Scream 6, which is certainly worth watching in theaters. The twists are great, the (sometimes lack of) jump scares are perfect, and there is one scene with two Ghostfaces that is a must-see over and over again.

So, which streaming platform is this movie in the franchise coming to? Here’s all you need to know.

Where will Scream 6 stream online?

There will be one place to turn at first for this movie. The latest movie in the franchise will head to Paramount+. After all, it is a Paramount Pictures movie.

This isn’t the only home it will get. Like other movies, Paramount+ is just its first streaming home. Paramount Pictures movies head to Prime Video* after the initial Paramount+ run. There is no set timetable for this to happen, but we do see it with the likes of Top Gun: Maverick.

These Prime Video releases can be for a short period of time. Scream 5* didn’t stay on Prime Video for too long.

Scream 6 will head to Digital soon. While the date isn’t set, preorders are available*.

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Scream 6 is out in theaters now and will go to Paramount+.