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Where will you be able to stream Alaska Daily online?

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Alaska Daily is leaving Hulu. Where will you be able to stream the Hilary Swank series online? Is it going to another streamer?

A lot of streaming platforms are removing content as a way to save costs. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for originals, but when it comes to licensed content, it does. Alaska Daily is one of the shows being removed from Hulu earlier than initially expected.

Let’s be clear; it was going to be removed from Hulu in September anyway. Another deal would have been needed to keep it on the platform. So, the removal isn’t all that surprising. It’s just that the removal is happening a month earlier than expected.

Where will Alaska Daily stream online?

After this, the only place to watch the series is by buying on Digital online, according to Deadline. You can do this via Amazon Instant Video*, iTunes, Google Play, and more.

It really is the best way to get your content. You’ll keep the episodes for as long as you have your accounts, and you only pay once for it. There’s no need for a subscription service, and you don’t need to figure out where the content will go to after it leaves a service.

Will the Hilary Swank series go to another streaming platform, though? This is possible. We’ve seen it in the past. While it is being removed from Hulu, ABC Studios could strike up a deal with another streaming platform for a short period of time. We’ve seen that happen with a lot of other shows.

There is also still likely to be a DVD release. This happens with network TV shows. Even if it’s just the episodes, it’s better than losing access to the show completely.

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What did you think of Alaska Daily? What do you think about the move to remove from Hulu early? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Alaska Daily* is available to buy on Amazon Video, iTunes, and more.