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Where to stream Ms. Marvel online

There’s a new Marvel series that’s perfect for younger children. Ms. Marvel is the series to watch, but where will it stream online?

If you love DC’s Stargirl, there’s a new series you’ll want to check out. This is perfect for the younger generation, giving them superheroes to look up for—a chance to see them on screen. It’s all about the new Marvel series Ms. Marvel.

The series follows Kamala Khan, just your average teenage girl who loves superheroes. She looks up to Captain Marvel and many others and would love to be just like them. However, she feels like an outcast in the real world, especially when her love for superheroes leads to her crafting stories in the makeup universes.

What happens when she develops powers of her own? Is this the answer to all her problems? What will she do with her abilities?

Stream Ms. Marvel on Disney+

There is only one place to see the series play out. It is on Disney+.

The very first episode is now available. Other episodes will be released weekly on the same streaming platform. This is the only place to watch at this time.

Watch the series on DVD and Blu-ray?

Is there a chance we’ll get to own the series on DVD and Blu-ray/ This is unlikely, at least for the time being. None of the Marvel TV shows have headed to DVD and Blu-ray yet. We’re waiting on Loki, WandaVision, and more.

Is Ms. Marvel on digital?

What about a Digital release? Just like the DVD and Blu-ray one, we’re not looking at this happening. At least, not yet. There’s no need for Disney+ to release its original content on Digital. This would take subscribers away!

Don’t forget to check out the Ms. Marvel* comics to see the source material before the series.

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Ms. Marvel airs Wednesdays on Disney+.