Where to stream The Chair online: Netflix? Amazon? Hulu?

The Chair is the newest comedy on the block. Where can you stream all episodes of the Sandra Oh-led series?

When it comes to content, Netflix has us hooked this month. The newest release is a comedy starring Sandra Oh. And there’s no way we can say no to this leading lady.

The Chair follows Oh as Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman to chair the English department at the prestigious Pembroke University. She’s is also one of the few members of color on the staffing, adding another layer to some of the things she’ll face during the time.

There are six episodes to the series, all 30 minutes each. This is going to be one quick binge-watch, but where are you going to watch it?

Where to stream The Chair online

The new series is only going to be on Netflix. It’s a Netflix Original Comedy, and all six episodes have arrived at once today.

There is no need for the series to head anywhere else for streaming. After all, why would Netflix want to share its own content with other streaming platforms? The only way this will happen is if something happens and Netflix needs to combine forces with a competitor.

Will The Chair be on Digital?

Is there a chance the episodes will be available to buy on Digital? Some shows are released on Amazon Video, iTunes, and other platforms.

This is highly unlikely for this series. Yes, there are some Netflix Originals that are released on Digital. Fuller House comes to mind. However, these deals are usually in the contracts due to the production studios, and it’s usually Warner Bros. TV that expects it. There’s no reason to think the Sandra Oh series will head to Digital.

Going to Digital to buy takes people from Netflix.

Will it be on DVD and Blu-ray?

What about on the physical disc? This one is a little harder to call, but it is unlikely. There are a lot of Netflix shows that are released on DVD and Blu-ray. This is put into the contracts and is often based on the terms from the production studio.

I wouldn’t expect this series to head to DVD and Blu-ray.

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What do you hope to see on The Chair? Share your thoughts on the Netflix series below.

The Chair is now available to stream on Netflix.