Where to stream The Irrational online

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While there isn’t too much heading to broadcast this fall, The Irrational is a new show worth checking out. Where can you stream it online?

Fall 2023 is going to be very different when it comes to broadcast TV. There are very few new scripted shows arriving. Due to the current strike action, the networks need to rely on unscripted content and acquisitions—whether international or from streaming.

NBC does have a few new shows arriving. One of them is The Irrational, which kicks things off tonight, Monday, Sept. 25. While you can watch it live, you’ll also want to know where it streams afterward, so you can catch up. After all, we don’t all want to stay up until 10 p.m.

Where to stream The Irrational

The episodes will air on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC in the United States. In Canada, the episodes air on CityTV. You’ll need to check your own listings for your country.

When it comes to online streaming, you can turn to Peacock in the U.S. The episodes will be there on Tuesdays. CityTV+ will get the episodes in Canada.

Is The Irrational on Digital?

There is some great news for those who like to buy episodes to watch over and over again. This series is heading to Digital. Episodes will be on Amazon Instant Video or wherever you buy them the day after they air on the TV.

I’d recommend getting the full season at once. The episodes will automatically add to your digital library as soon as they’re available.

Is the show heading to DVD?

Like so many broadcast shows, The Irrational will head to DVD in the future. It’s not clear when, though. Usually, we would say in the late summer, but this year is going to look very different due to the strike action.

This is set to be a 10-episode season. That could mean a winter wrap up if all the episodes filmed before the strike action began. That could mean a spring or early summer DVD release.

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The Irrational airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC in the U.S. and on CityTV+ in Canada.