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Where to stream The Lake Season 2 online

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The Lake Season 2 is now available to watch. Which streaming site do you need to turn to, and can you get it on DVD?

The Canadian dramedy The Lake is back for a second season. We pick up with some of the reveals at the end of the first season, including the fact that Maisy-May’s mother is in town. That’s sure to cause problems for all.

On top of that, Justin is trying to make his new relationship work. He doesn’t quite know what healthy relationships are, though, so that’s sure to cause a problem. In fact, he’ll need to figure out how to change to fight for his relationship when it starts going up in flames.

You’ll want to binge-watch the season this weekend. Where do you need to go to watch it?

Where is The Lake Season 2 online?

You’ll need a Prime Video* subscription to be able to watch the Canadian dramedy. This is the only place the second season is currently available. You can also watch the first season here if you missed it last year.

Is The Lake on Digital?

Is there a chance that we’ll get Season 2 on Digital to buy? That’s unlikely. The first season isn’t available in this way, so why would the second season be released like this?

Digital releases don’t make sense for Amazon Originals (or any originals from subscription services). This takes people away from the platform as it’s possible to pay once and watch over and over again.

Will The Lake come to DVD and Blu-ray?

What about a physical release? Again, it’s highly unlikely that this is going to happen. The first season wasn’t released on DVD and Blu-ray, so it’s unlikely to see the second season released. Of course, Amazon could do something similar to The Boys, where it released the first two seasons together shortly before the third season dropped on Prime Video.

Physical releases aren’t as problematic for streaming platforms as Digital releases are. While people like the physical release, the digital platform is often more convenient.

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The Lake* is available to stream on Prime Video globally.