Where to stream Wilderness online

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Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen star as a perfect couple in Wilderness. At least, that what it seems on the outside.

Liv and Will have the perfect relationship. At least, the people on the outside would think that. They seem like the sickly perfect couple, but we all know that things happen behind closed doors.

In this case, Will is having an affair. Liv decides that she will try to fight for her marriage, but this is all a façade. She’s ready to kill if she needs to, and the wilderness is the perfect place for accidents to happen.

Where to stream Wilderness

You can stream the series online right now. Which is the streaming platform you need? This is an Amazon Original Series, so you need Prime Video*.

The good news is that the entire season dropped at once. You can binge your way through the six-part drama.

Is Wilderness on Digital?

We see a lot of TV shows head to Digital. Is that going to be the case here? This is where we do have some bad news. It’s unlikely that the series will get a Digital release. This takes people away from the streaming platform, and when it’s an original, we don’t tend to see streamers want that to happen.

Is the series on DVD and Blu-ray?

What we could see happen is a DVD release. This is a UK series, and we see a lot of UK shows get a DVD and Blu-ray release, even when they are streaming originals. We just have to look at Good Omens and The Crown. Both of these were originals on streaming platforms from the beginning and got DVD releases.

You can also get the book of the same name by B.E. Jones. This is a great way to see the source material and look at how things changed.

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Wilderness is only available to stream on Prime Video*.