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Who were the seven kings to die in The Last Kingdom movie?

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The Last Kingdom movie made the prophecy very clear. Seven kings must die to unite England. Which seven kings died?

The title of The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die made the prophecy very clear. If England—well, initially Britain but let’s settle for England—was to united under one king, seven kings would have to die. The big question was which seven kings would fall.

The Kings of Scotland didn’t really care all that much about death. They all had sons. As long as there was a son, the kingdom would rule. So, they went into battle with little to fear about this prophecy, and Uhtred knew it.

Which kings died in The Last Kingdom movie?

Maybe they shouldn’t have told Uhtred this in The Last Kingdom* movie. You see, it wasn’t the actual kings that died but the heirs to the throne. It seems like this counts. After all, the Scottish kings would end up dying, leaving their kingdoms open for the taking.

The Kings of Shetland, Orkney, Strathclyde, and Man all lost sons. Constantin also lost his heir to the throne. Those are five of the kings. What about the other two?

Aethelstan declares that the death of King Edward started all that. There is the sixth. So, what about the last?

We get that at the very end. While Uhtred has never viewed himself as king, others see him as one. People call him King Uhtred. His death comes at the very end of the movie, marking the seventh king to die.

Okay, Finan’s voiceover states that the chronicles don’t say if Uhtred lived or died. With Uhtred seeing Brida and Ragnar in Valhalla, I’m choosing to believe that he died and went to feast with the family who died before him.

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