Whiskey Cavalier needs to be picked up and saved; this cannot be the end

Whiskey Cavalier has been officially canceled by ABC, which sucks! Fingers crossed someone comes along to pick up and save the series because this cannot be the end.

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where our favorite TV shows find out if they are coming back or not for another season. This past weekend has seen many shows canceled, one of them being Whiskey Cavalier.

The, quite simply amazing, freshman spy thriller was officially axed by the ABC network and do you know what? They have got this one wrong.

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Whiskey Cavalier does not deserve to be canceled and someone really needs to step up and save the show. Thankfully, this is possible as Warner Bros. TV is shopping around to see if another network will pick up the series.

So what can we do as fans?

Well, the best thing we can do is spread the word. Make it known, far and wide, how amazing this show is. How different it is from the norm and how much we enjoy seeing the gang do their thing each and every week.

So get on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, it doesn’t matter really. Just get on social media and spread the word of Whiskey!

Hopefully, if the show gets enough traction and online presence. One of the big wigs in one of the major networks will decide to do the right thing and save Whiskey Cavalier.

Because this cannot be the end. The show is too good.

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What do you think of Whiskey Cavalier being canceled by ABC? Do you think another network will save the series? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.