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Who is Captain Richardson in Outlander?

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On the surface, Captain Richardson seems like a small character in the world of Outlander. We need to watch out for him, though.

When you initially look at Captain Richardson, you may feel like he’s going to be a character with a small part. Think of the likes of John Quincy Myers and Major MacDonald. They’ve turned up now and then, but don’t play the biggest role in the story of the Frasers, MacKenzies, or other main characters.

Well, I wouldn’t expect that when you consider the mission Richardson set William on and the names William was given. There is a clue that Richardson is going to show up again.

Why is Richardson sending messages to Patriots in Outlander?

One of the names William had to remember was Samuel Cartwright. Well, we heard his name again at the end of the episode, and this time from another character. Rachel Hunter explained that she and her brother Denny were leaving their home to head to Samuel Cartwright, who is on the side of the Patriots.

Richardson is a British officer, though. Why would he want to pass a secret note to a Patriot? This would suggest that Richardson is up to something. Is it possible that he is actually a Patriot but working with the British for now? He did mention spy work, so it’s possible that he’s a spy for the British at the moment.

But then, why send someone who knows nothing about spy work? Was this an attempt to put William in danger?

We could look at the book storylines to find out more, but for this, we’ll stick to what we know in the show for now. One thing is clear: don’t rule out Richardson from returning again.

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What did you think of the introduction of Captain Richardson? Can we trust him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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