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Who is Daniel Morgan in Outlander?

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Jamie has joined Daniel Morgan’s group in Outlander. Who was the real Daniel Morgan in the Revolutionary War?

When Jamie first mentioned Daniel Morgan to Claire, she knew who he was. He is a name who comes up in the real history around the Revolutionary War. Once again, Diana Gabaldon has woven real people and events into the fictional tale, and that’s continued into the show.

Fans will now want to know who the real Daniel Morgan was. Is this someone we can trust in the TV series, or will we come to hate him? How much of a danger is he to Claire and Jamie?

The real Daniel Morgan from Outlander

While Daniel Morgan was born in New Jersey in the 1730s, he moved to Winchester, Virginia. There he met his wife and had his family, while also becoming a rifleman during the French & Indian War.

As soon as the Revolutionary War started in 1775, Morgan put himself forward as the rifle unit’s commander. He had already gained respect for his skills, and he knew he could shape many others into what would become known as snipers. The snipers would shoot down British officers from well out of the usual range.

After seeing Jamie’s abilities with a rifle on the turkey, it was only too obvious that he would want Jamie to join him. Morgan would want those with potential to join him, and with the First Battle of Saratoga just around the corner, he needed people who already had the skills needed in battle. If someone could shoot the eye of a turkey from a distance, what could they do to a British officer?

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