Who died in Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 3?

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We knew a character would die in Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 3. Who was it? What does this mean moving forward?

Caution: This post contains spoilers from Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 3.

The promo for Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 3 made it clear that we had to prepare for a character death. The big question was who it would be. If I’m honest, I didn’t see it being who it was in the end.

As Firehouse 51 attended a call at a movie theater, it was soon clear that there would be a loss. The fire was huge, and people made some bad choices. One of those was Chief Hawkins.

Hawkins died in Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 3

The episode saw Hawkins rush into the building to save people. Naturally, he wanted to do his job. The problem was the situation had gotten to the point where Boden ordered everyone out of th building. It was too dangerous for anyone to go in.

Yet, Hawkins did. He was getting someone out just as the roof collapsed.

Violet got in when it was safe to try to save him, but it was too late. Now she’ll had to deal with the grief.

I didn’t see this coming, and in a way, I’m annoyed. Just as the show gives us another couple to root for, we lose one of them. This has become consistent. It doesn’t seem like any new relationship is safe. What’s the point in rooting for a ship in One Chicago?

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What did you think of the episode? Did you see that death happening? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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