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Who killed Alberta on Ghosts?

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Ghosts Season 2 answered a series-long mystery. We finally found out who killed Alberta, and it turns out one of the spirits already knew.

Alberta has had to exist in the afterlife with one question hanging over her: who killed her? All she knew was that someone laced a bottle of alcohol with rat poison, and for a long time she feared that her own sister did it.

In Ghosts Season 2, Episode 21, Sam had one more podcast episode to solve the crime. That meant all the spirits in the house and Jay worked together to get to the bottom of the case. It turned out one of them had known all along.

Who murdered Alberta in Ghosts?

After ruling out the woman who Alberta had put away for bootlegging (it turned out she was now a CI for the cops), everyone still turned to Theresa, Alberta’s sister, as the murderer. That was until everyone realized that the basement ghosts may have seen something.

They did. They saw who took the rat poison. It was the one and only Al Capone. He was in love with Alberta, and he did put the rat poison in the alcohol. That wasn’t to kill Alberta, though. He wanted to take his own life until Theresa stepped in and stopped him.

So, she was the last one seen with the laced alcohol bottle. Was it her? It certainly seemed it until Hetty finally owned up.

She had known all along. It was her son Thomas.

But Alberta didn’t know Thomas. Why would he want her dead? He was the “T” in the letter. He and Earl had an affair and Thomas blamed Alberta for Earl not being with him. Remember this was 1929, so it’s not like they could have been openly with each other anyway, but he still blamed Alberta. When Theresa gave him the alcohol, he decided to use it to kill Alberta, knowing her love for the drink.

This is going to cause problems for Alberta and Hetty now. Alberta is angry that Hetty never told her the truth all these decades.

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