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Who killed Bunny in Only Murders in the Building?

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With the knowledge that Poppy was actually Becky Butler, it wasn’t that difficult to work out the murderer in Only Murders in the Building Season 2. Our podcasting trio put on a great show to get to the bottom of it all.

the podcasters opted to live stream the big reveal. They had people from the building and outside of the building with them, including Alice, Cinda Canning, and Poppy. Who would be the killer? Did the podcasters get it right?

They figured it out thanks to learning that Poppy is Becky Butler. At first, it looked like Cinda was working with Kreps. It was when Mabel realized what “14 Savage” meant that she was able to piece it all together. Oh, and it did help that the trio still had the knife so they could send it to Detective Williams, the cop they could trust.

Did Cinda Canning kill Bunny in Only Murders in the Building?

At first, the trio rounded on Cinda. They made it clear that they knew Becky never went missing. Cinda’s podcasts were failing, and she needed something big like All Is Not OK in Oklahoma. When she couldn’t find anything else, the trio claimed she killed Bunny and set it up to look like the A-listers in the building had done it.

Cinda seemed guilty until Mabel stopped. She turned around and accused Alice instead.

Did Alice kill Bunny?

Alice did seem to just pop up. Mabel realized that Alice needed money for her art gallery. That was why Alice had met with Mabel and set up all that artwork involving her. Did Alice kill Bunny to create more art?

It certainly seemed that way when Alice stabbed Charles in the stomach. As Charles died, Alice was restrained by the people in the room.

Cinda comforted Mabel, sharing that Mabel had a good eye for detail. That led to Cinda offering Mabel a job to work with her, which set Poppy off. All Poppy wanted was to prove she was great.

Poppy killed Bunny in Only Murders in the Building

That was when it all came out. Poppy was the murderer, and she was the one sleeping with Kreps. She did text the trio to get out of the building on the night of Bunny’s death, but they didn’t listen. Instead, Mabel walked into the apartment to find Bunny dying.

Bunny didn’t say “14 Savage,” but “14 Sandwich.” The statement was linked to the sandwich at the deli that Poppy always gets. Detective Williams shared that the DNA on the knife was linked to a missing woman in Oklahoma. Sure enough, everything pointed to Poppy.

With all the information, Mable, Charles, and Oliver set everything up to make it look like the reveal was Cinda and then Alice. Charles had never been stabbed. It was all a rouse to get Poppy to confess. With all that live streaming, the cops had everything they needed. Yes, everyone but Poppy was in on this.

Poppy was arrested by Detective Williams, and we saw Kreps in handcuffs outside the apartment. With that, the murder investigation was over. Now if only a year later there wasn’t another murder for the trio to solve in Only Murders in the Building Season 3.

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Did you guess who the murderer was? Who did you think did it? Share in the comments below.

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