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Who did Max choose in New Amsterdam Season 5?

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Max had to make a choice in the first New Amsterdam episode of 2023. Did he pick Helen or Elizabeth?

Before New Amsterdam went on its winter break, we found out that Max had a choice to make. Just as he was moving on from Helen, she came back. He realized while he was Elizabeth, so it was clear to Elizabeth that Max was shocked to see Helen.

It didn’t help that Helen only appeared on a TV screen. She didn’t text Max to say that she was in town. That would have hurt, but how would Max react to that? How would Elizabeth feel knowing that Helen was back in town?

Did Max choose Elizabeth or Helen in New Amsterdam?

Helen wanted to meet with Max while she was in New York. Elizabeth made it clear that she wasn’t upset that Max was shocked to see Helen. That shock made sense. However, she wouldn’t be involved in some sort of romantic drama.

So, Max had to make a choice that day. His time was taken up by an emergency in the woods, but he did gain clarity and he realized what he wanted.

He chose Elizabeth. He didn’t even tell Helen. While he went to the bar, he only watched Helen through the window. She didn’t even see him there. With that, he went back to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth accepted him into her apartment. The two are starting their relationship.

Is it the right move? Max might want to be single for a while, but I’d say that about anyone who jumps in and out of relationships. It’s too soon for Max to move on, but Helen doesn’t deserve him back with the way she left.

Let’s just say the writing for the New Amsterdam final season has been disappointing, though.

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New Amsterdam‘s series finale airs on Tuesday, Jan. 10 on NBC.