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Who saved Mandy in Outlander?

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Claire couldn’t save her granddaughter, leading to the MacKenzies going back to their own time in Outlander. Who did save Mandy?

The MacKenzies are back in their own time in Outlander. All this happened during the previous episode after Claire realized that her granddaughter was suffering from a heart condition. The only option was 20th-century medicine.

During the conversation with Bree, Claire said that she knew someone who would be able to help. She never said a name, though, so we were hoping to find that out in the third episode of the season.

Who did save Mandy in Outlander?

We ended up with a time jump for Bree and Roger’s story. Instead of finding them in the mid-1970s waiting for Mandy’s heart condition to be fixed, we jumped to the 1980s and the children are older.

It’s clear that Mandy’s heart problems are no more. She’s a healthy young girl, and she and Jemmy certainly have some sort of ability between them. There are some clues to that one.

Did we get to find out who cured Mandy, though? Who did Claire know?

We do get the answer in the Outlander books on this one. It’s more inferred in the show based on the doctors who know Claire in the present day, but in the books, the full explanation is given and characters return. It’s Dr. Joe Abernathy in the books. It turns out that Claire told him everything about time travel, so he knew all about where Bree went and he was semi-ready for her return. Well, he at least understood why there was no record of these two children and did not ask questions.

Abernathy helps Bree out a lot in the 20th century storyline in the books. There is a chance that the show wanted to get Wil Johnson back but couldn’t. Instead of confirming that it was Joe, we’re just left it as being inferred. In a way, with the time jump, the person who helped Mandy doesn’t matter. All we care about now is that she’s healthy.

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