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Why is 911 Season 7 moving to ABC?

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911 Season 7 is happening, but not on FOX. The network canceled the series with ABC quickly swooping in to save it. Why is that?

When you have a popular series, the last thing you expect is for a network to cancel it. 911 is FOX’s biggest hit in terms of scripted shows. Why would it want to cancel the show?

It turns out that it’s all due to cost. While the series is the most popular, it is also the most expensive. At one point, the series was an in-house production (it’s a 20th Century Studios production) but that’s not the case anymore. Disney owns 20th Century, but does not own the FOX network. However, it does own the ABC network.

Why ABC quickly saved 911 Season 7

With the cost being so high, FOX couldn’t justify keeping it. It costs between $9 and $10 million to produce one single episode. With 18 episodes, you can do the math. Linear ratings aren’t what they used to be, so TV shows are getting too expensive for the broadcast networks, especially when they don’t benefit fully because they no longer produce in-house.

ABC sees more benefit in keeping the series on the air, since 20th Century and ABC are owned by the same parent company. It made a lot of sense for ABC to save the series before FOX even announced the cancellation.

It’s also why 911 Lone Star is staying on FOX. The cost isn’t as high, so the network still benefits from it financially. Maybe if that cost goes up, FOX and ABC will do the same thing as the series is till one of the strongest on FOX.

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911* is available to stream on Hulu in the U.S. and on the Global TV App in Canada.