Why is A League of Their Own canceled by Amazon?

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Amazon brought some disappointing news this weekend. A League of Their Own Season 2 is no longer happening. Why is that the case?

It was already a fight to get a second season of A League of Their Own. Despite the calls from fans to continue the story, Amazon dragged its feet. When it did finally renew the show, it was for a four-episode final season.

Now we won’t even get that. On Friday, Aug. 18, Amazon decided to cancel the series after all. This news came with the news that The Peripheral Season 2 also wasn’t going ahead. And these two shows may not be the only cancellations of freshman shows on Prime Video or any streaming and broadcast network.

Why did Amazon cancel A League of Their Own?

The actions are very similar to those during the pandemic. A lot of shows were initially renewed and then “unrenewed,” and that’s what is happening here. Like the pandemic, the strike action in the industry is being blamed for the decisions.

With the strike action, filming can’t take place. This means shows will miss their target release dates, and Amazon wanted A League of Their Own Season 2 to air in 2024. There is already a content plan for 2025, and delaying the 2024 shows too much will impede on that plan.

Yes, it costs money for Amazon to cancel shows it previously renewed. Penalties are written into the contracts. However, Amazon thinks that the penalties will be less than the cost of producing the show. It’s much harder for freshman shows to get their audiences back for a second season after a long break. Although, we’d argue that this series had a loyal following and didn’t need to be canceled.

This news is disappointing for all. Fans will now not get a conclusion to that cliffhanger at the end of Season 1. What will Charlie do after spotting Carson giving Greta a kiss?

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What did you think of A League of Their Own? What did you want to see in Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

A League of Their Own* is available to stream on Prime Video.