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Why did Wendigo Donner come to the house in Outlander Season 7?

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Wendigo Donner made a return in the Outlander Season 7 premiere, and we knew that wouldn’t be the last we’d see of him. Why did he come to the Big House?

Caution: This post contains spoilers from Outlander Season 7, Episode 2.

When we saw Wendigo Donner in Outlander Season 6, we knew he returned for a reason. Then he came up in the Season 7 premiere. Roger was going to let this man go free, risking his own life, but he decided not to when he listened to what Bree had to say about the man.

Well, Wendigo got free anyway, and he came to Fraser’s Ridge. Of course, he was always going to cause trouble, but why would he even want to come to the Ridge in the first place? Wouldn’t he want to stay away from Claire?

Wendigo Donner just wanted to go home in Outlander Season 7

From the moment we met him in Season 5, we learned that Donner was a time travel with one goal in mind: to get back home. He just didn’t know how to do it, and all the friends he came through the stones with didn’t land with him.

Claire had mentioned he needed gemstones to travel. She also told him that she had stones. She would help him get back home if he helped her escape Lionel Brown’s men. That didn’t pan through, and it looks like Donner knew that meant to stay away.

He just didn’t stay away for long. After landing in prison in Wilmington for stealing a gem, he ended up being conscripted. Once freed, he was able to head to the one place he knew could help him get back home: Fraser’s Ridge. At this point, it’s clear that he was desperate to travel through the stones.

All he wanted was gemstones. He just wasn’t a man to really think everything through. In the end, he and Young Ian end up playing their parts in the big fire at the Big House. Oops!

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